Rubber Tree - Ficus Burgundy

Rubber Tree - Ficus Burgundy


If you're not a fan of the usual green foliage, this popular rubber plant with its glossy burgundy leaves is everything you need. It's easy to maintain as it doesn't like being watered often and prefers brighter light, just keep away from direct light.

(Allergen info: Latex present in sap)



Small: 120mm nursery pot

Medium: 62 cm tall inc. 200mm nursery pot. 

Large: 90cm tall inc. 250mm nursery pot.


Pot recommendations:

For Small: Cape Town Pots or Tabia Basket Stands (in small)


All plants are delivered with The Little Plant Project's care instructions.

Please note: The amount of branches per plant varies, most rubber plants have one to two stems. The plant pictured is a medium size and has 3 stems. Please feel free to contact us regarding any requests or enquiries, we're here to help!