Peace Lilly - Spathiphyllum sp.

Peace Lilly - Spathiphyllum sp.


If you’re a new plant parent, the Peace Lily is perfect for you! It will let you know the moment it’s thirsty when its foliage dramatically droops. It is super popular for its easy care and lush, dark green foliage. 



Medium Size 1: 54cm tall inc. 150mm nursery pot

Medium Size 2: 57cm tall inc. 180mm nursery pot


Pot Recommendations:

  • For Medium Size 1: Footed Crema Pot, Bosphorus Pot, Doveport Pot, Pathstow Pot, Ambrose Pot, Ceramic Cyprus Matte Vase, 'Frances' Pot and 'Speckled' Footed Pot
  • For Medium Size 2: Ceramic Cylinder Dan Plant Pot Matte (pictured), Tabia Basket Pot (Large) and Matlock Pot


Amount of flowers varies, feel free to message us with any requests or enquiries. All plants are delivered with The Little Plant Project's care instructions.